Cannon Fruit Farm (Seasonal)


Rosemary Cannon

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Roughway Farm was added to the land farmed by the Cannon family in 1969. At that time hops were grown and dried in the Oast House, the remainder being mostly apple orchards. 

Roughway Farm is now the centre of a thriving farming business managed and directed by Giles Cannon. The crops grown consist of apples, raspberries, greengages, plums and cobnuts. They are sold to supermarkets, sent to London and other markets and also, of course, sold locally.


Among the apples grown are Scrumptious,Red Windsor, Cox, Gala, Braeburn, and new variety Kentish Magic. . These are harvested between late August and November and mostly stored in gas cold stores temperature controlled until required.

Cherries start in mid June with Bellise. The best tasting varieties for the market are Folfer,Tamara,Kordia,Regina and Penny.

Raspberries are grown from June until October - some of the different varieties being Maravilla, Ovation and Riviera
Plums are harvested in July/August beginning with Opal and followed by Jubileum, Avalon, Victoria, and Top Taste. Greengages pick in late August.

Cobnuts, of which we have about 15 hectares, are harvested in September/October in competition with the grey squirrels and rooks !. If kept in cool conditions they should keep to Christmas and beyond.