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Lambs at Renhurst Farm
Free range chickens at Renhurst Farm
New piglets at Renhurst Farm
Twin calves
Farm made sausages
Fore rib of beef (after 3 weeks of hanging)


Our family run business is run by the fourth generation of Padfields. We farm native breeds of which the cattle are either Sussex or Aberdeen Angus and the sheep are Suffolk or Romney. The cattle and lambs are either finished off on grass or are fed home grown cereals if needed. Medicines are not used routinely, only if required for the stocks welfare.

Pigs are bought in as weaners from free range rare breed sows and finished off in large straw yards. 

To ensure their stock are not fed GM foods we grow and mill our own cereals for the cattle and pigs.


Not only do we ensure the quality of their stock by feeding them wholesome food and allow our animals to range freely on their meadows, we take special care of the meat once the stock is slaughtered. Hanging the meat properly maximises flavour and tenderness. Lamb and pork are hung for at least 7 days and beef over 21 days.

All our meats are prepared and cut and, given notice, we can prepare cuts to your specific choice. Sausages are another speciality. Not only do we make well known varieties such as Olde English and Cumberland but we have developed our own specialities such as Leek, Apple and Sage.

Annabelle’s cooking expertise is also used to the full by making all sorts of mouth watering pies and quiches. From traditional steak and kidney to beef steak in red wine or ale. In addition we make lamb and apricot,lamb and mint pies plus tasty vegetarian quiches.